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Virtual Reality Simulation Systems Ltd (VRSS) is a UK based VR studio that develops engaging, educational and exciting Virtual Reality applications. VRSS products function across all major VR platforms including motion simulators, CAVEs, VR headsets, smartphones and smart glasses. Virtual Reality can be used across industries to enhance learning. Purpose built 3D environments can support interactive visualisations and 360 degree video production can export the user into the most unique of situations. VRSS work with clients across the public and private sectors. VRSS has four service areas …

Golf Simulation In Virtual Reality Cave System

Virtual Reality Cave Systems

A virtual reality environment using multiple projectors to create a room within a room – fully immersive and realistic with 3D images.

Woman wearing virtual reality wearable headset

Virtual Reality Systems

The use of a dedicated VR headset to transport a user into a virtual environment (either using high quality 3D graphics or 360 degree video production)

Male worker wearing virtual reality smart glasses

SMART Glasses

The use of augmented reality in a hands free environment to overlay graphical content on a head up display.

Virtual Reality Driving Simulator

Motion Simulators

The use of a 3D technology to simulate an actual operation or process with full realism, including driving simulators, boats and aircraft.

VR Simulation Systems Finalist In Maritime Innovation Challenge

VR Simulation Systems were recently announced as a finalist by UKCEB in the Maritime Innovation Challenge, chosen from a shortlist of Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) VRSS were chosen to present at the Defence Information ’16 Conference. The evaluation took place in front of judges and an invited audience of naval and Defence personnel, held at the Royal Navy Command Headquarters, Portsmouth. VRSS were commended for the diversity and quality of their solutions.

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